Death and Taxes!

And of course, by that I mean Kingdom Death and “No taxation without representation” – one of the rallying cries for the American Revolutionary War! Today, I’m going to talk briefly about two games currently on Kickstarter, one of which I have already backed and the other of which I am quite curious about. Let’s start with 1775: Rebellion.

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What Exactly is a SMERSH?

So, after backing this game ages ago on Kickstarter, it has finally arrived in the mail! The box is absolutely packed with goodies. Agents of SMERSH is billed as sort of a combination of Pandemic and Tales of the Arabian Nights, which sounds promising. I can’t wait to dig into the rules and get it to the table soon.

Dr. Lobo is really an evil genius because
as a kid, someone gave him a swirly.

I’ve Got 99 Problems, and Board Gaming Is One of Them

My brother Tony is a co-host/recurring guest/something else on his buddy’s podcast called Modern Problems. It is a fun rambling stroll through various unrelated topics of interest and is really a fun listen actually. BUT, more on topic, they have also started a NEW podcast called The BoardGamers which is all about, you guessed it, board games! They are two episodes in, with the first one about Pandemic (a game I’ll be tackling soon on my blog) and the second about Munchkin: Zombies. They are sort of modeled after the Let’s Play video game articles and videos you’ll find online. They give you a pretty good idea about what it is actually like to be there playing the games. Give them a listen!

The Pandemic Episode

The Munchkin: Zombies Episode

This Post Brought to You By CATAPULTS!!!!

While thinking about which game to review in my big comeback (ha) to the world of blogging, I noticed this comment on my post about my (now defunct) games closet from constant reader Josh:

Hey Tim, just noticed Shadows Over Camelot on your shelf, can I get your view on it?

Indeed you can! YOU ALL CAN!

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Back, I Guess?

So, after getting hacked by Russians, I am tentatively back. Because I don’t really know much about databases, I had to manually re-upload all of my posts. In the process, I lost all of the comments, my permalinks got screwed up, some of the dates on the posts got messed up, and although I still have all of my post tags, they got jumbled up, so for now all of the old posts lost all of their tags.

I am running the newest version of WordPress now and I have a new theme. One of those two upgrades *should* have plugged whatever security hole was used to get in. BTW, what the hackers were doing was adding an invisible iframe to the top of all of my pages which was redirecting IE users to a file downloading website of some kind. If you weren’t using IE, you would have just noticed some slow-loading pages and the script ran itself.

If this happens again, I may have to ditch WordPress – or learn a LOT more about web security (something I’m not excited about devoting the necessary hours to.)

Hopefully, I can get back to regular-ish blogging now!