• Abstract – A style of game featuring no theme whatsoever (or an extremely abstracted theme.) Examples include tic-tac-toe, chess, and Dvonn.
    • Ameritrash – A style of game usually defined by deep, immersive themes and strong player interactions. Some common complaints about AT games include long play times, over reliance on luck based mechanics, and player elimination. Examples include Risk, Arkham Horror, and Railroad Tycoon.
    • AT – Short for Ameritrash. (see above)


    • Beer & Pretzels Game – A game, usually heavy on luck with minimal strategy, intended to not be taken too seriously. Examples in include Munchkin and Zombies!!!
    • BGGBoardGameGeek.com, the best database of board games available on the internet.


    • Card Sleeves – Plastic pockets used to protect cards and aid in shuffling.
    • CCG – Collectable Card Game. Card game in which card packs contain a random assortment of cards. Usually, players construct a deck from their collection of cards. CCGs are also used for limited play. (see below) Examples include Magic: the Gathering and Spellfire, and Star Wars: CCG.
    • Constructed – A game format for card games in which players construct their decks from a pool of cards before the game begins.


    • Dexterity Game – A game in which players must use their physical dexterity to play. Examples include Catacombs, Elkfest, and Operation.
    • Draft
        1. A game mechanic in which each player selects one item at a time in sequence.
        2. A form of limited play in which each player receives a pack of cards from which he or she selects one and then passes the rest to an opponent. This is continued a specified number of times.


    • ECG – Expandable Card Game. Usually synonymous with LCG, but may refer to CCGs as well. A card game in which players build decks from sets of cards in either a limited or constructed format.
    • Euro – Short for Euro Game. (see below)
    • Euro Game – A style of game usually defined by a short play time and lack of player elimination. Some common complaints of Euros include a lack of player interaction and weak themes. Examples include Agricola, Puerto Rico, and Settlers of Catan.


    • F:ATFortress: Ameritrash, a board gaming website about AT games.
    • Family Game – A relatively simple game which can be played by the whole family. Examples include Sorry! Sliders and Castle Panic.
    • FFG – Fantasy Flight Games, a board game publishing company.
    • Filler Game – A very short game to be played before, after, or between other games or when you are short on time. Examples include Coloretto and 7 Wonders.


    • Gamer”s Game – A relatively complex or difficult game intended for serious games only. Examples include Mage Knight: the Board Game and Die Macher.
    • Gateway Game – A relatively simple game that goes beyond the well know Parker Brothers / Milton Bradley fare which is used to introduce new players to the wide world of board gaming available outside of big box stores. Examples include Ticket to Ride and Lost Cities.
    • German Game – Euro Game. (see above) Also German-Style Game.
    • GG – Short for “Good Game” (Magic)


    • Hate –
        1. In a draft format, choosing a card which you don”t intend to use, in order to deny that card to your opponents.
        2. In an expandable constructed game, using cards which are intended to defeat a specific card or strategy.


    • Jank – A very weak, situational, or cheap card. (Magic)


    • LCG – Living Card Game. An expandable card game in which all packs contain a fixed assortment of cards. LCG is the trademarked term used by Fantasy Flight Games for their series of games in this genre. Examples include Anachronism and Warhammer: Invasion.
    • Limited Play – A form of play used mostly with CCGs in which players use only cards from a limited pool (usually sealed booster packs.) Common limited formats include draft, sealed deck, and cube draft.


    • M:tG – Magic: the Gathering, the original collectable card game.
    • Meeple – A small wooden representation of a person, featured primarily in euro games. Meeples can come in many shapes which are themselves often portmanteaued with meeple (ie sheeple, treeple, llameeple, etc.)
    • Miniatures Game – A game which focuses on the use of miniature figurines to represent troops and characters. Often, painting and modifying the miniatures themselves is considered an integral part of the miniature gaming hobby.
    • Minis – Short for miniatures, used for miniatures games. (see above)


    • Party Game – Games good for playing with a large group, usually consisting of simple rules and a humorous theme or mechanics. Examples include Werewolves and Ca$h ”n Gun$.


    • RPG – Role Playing Game. A game in which the players take on the persona of individual characters, usually played as a series of sessions called a campaign. Unlike traditional board games, RPGs typically don”t have winners and losers, though one player will usually take on the role of the adversaries.


    • Sleeves – Short for card sleeves. (see above)


    • Wargame – A style of game devoted to the simulation of a real or imaginary war or battle situation. Examples include Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage and Advanced Squad Leader.
    • Worker Placement Game – A game in which players place workers (or some other markers) to select their actions. Often, once chosen, an action cannot be chosen by another player in the same round. Examples include Stone Age and Agricola.
    • WotC – Wizards of the Coast, a game publishing company, owners of Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. WotC, in turn, is owned by Hasbro. Pronounced “Watt-See.”