Death and Taxes!

And of course, by that I mean Kingdom Death and “No taxation without representation” – one of the rallying cries for the American Revolutionary War! Today, I’m going to talk briefly about two games currently on Kickstarter, one of which I have already backed and the other of which I am quite curious about. Let’s start with 1775: Rebellion.

Die English Scum!

1775: Rebellion is a game from Academy Games and is the second game in the Birth of America Series which started with the release of the quite popular 1812: The Invasion of Canada. I have 1812, and so far, I have only played the shortened intro scenario. Well, I really enjoyed it. I was able to play with the full five players and I believe that it was well worth it. 1775 requires only four players (both games can be played with fewer, but are really designed to be played with the maximum number.) The game also promises to be a bit shorter and while it starts with the same basic game play as 1812, it mixes it up some with the addition of Allies (French and Hessian mercenaries) as well as some other goodies. As of typing this, the Kickstarter campaign for 1775 has only 50 hours left! For that reason, I went ahead and backed it right away. Can’t wait!

Blacker than the blackest
night times infinity!

The next Kickstarter game I’m looking at is Kingdom Death: Monster, which has already amassed a HUGE amount of cash, and may well become the highest funded board game on Kickstarter EVER (I believe it will break the $1,000,000 mark.) Kingdom Death started out as a miniatures line of very expensive but well produced digitally sculpted resin miniatures specializing in grotesque monsters and cheesecake fantasy beauties. KD: Monster is the first board game from the company and is set in its bizarre nightmare world. The setting is actually pretty cool: a dream-scape populated by hideous monsters in which humans are at the bottom of the totem pole, without even a real society. At the beginning of the game, players cannot even trade items as they haven’t yet invented a language! The game promises to deliver a co-op experience in which the players must combine forces to defeat boss monsters after which they can collect resources from the dead baddie in order to craft equipment and begin to advance the society of their small band.

All of this sounds intriguing, but as the company has up until now been primarily a miniatures company, there is a lot more info about the minis you get, rather than he actual game play. As of this writing, there is one game play video which shows how combat works (looks good so far!) but I’ll need to see more about the post-combat play before I can drop any money on it. A lot of folks with (seemingly) a lot less self-control are already dropping huge amounts of cash ($300 or more!) without even a complete description of the rules!