Back, I Guess?

So, after getting hacked by Russians, I am tentatively back. Because I don’t really know much about databases, I had to manually re-upload all of my posts. In the process, I lost all of the comments, my permalinks got screwed up, some of the dates on the posts got messed up, and although I still have all of my post tags, they got jumbled up, so for now all of the old posts lost all of their tags.

I am running the newest version of WordPress now and I have a new theme. One of those two upgrades *should* have plugged whatever security hole was used to get in. BTW, what the hackers were doing was adding an invisible iframe to the top of all of my pages which was redirecting IE users to a file downloading website of some kind. If you weren’t using IE, you would have just noticed some slow-loading pages and the script ran itself.

If this happens again, I may have to ditch WordPress – or learn a LOT more about web security (something I’m not excited about devoting the necessary hours to.)

Hopefully, I can get back to regular-ish blogging now!