Pimp My Cathedral

A couple weekends ago, we went to an AWESOME game day over at the home of our friends Megan and Adam. I got to play a TON of games, but out of everything I played, I”m pretty sure that Fresco was my favorite. Sometimes you just want to play a light-to-mid-weight Euro which doesn”t over-stay its welcome and goes down smooth. Sometimes you just want to throw some paint on that shit. And sometimes you get to do both. Let”s Fresco, shall we? Continue reading

Ermahgerd, Berlfert!

With the help of Kickstarter, among other things, board gaming is currently going through a beautiful golden period wherein tiny boutique companies can produce lovely little gems of games on the small scale required by a niche hobby and still make a bit of cash for themselves or to fund future products. Tasty Minstrel Games is one such tiny company and, though not a Kickstarter game, Belfort is one such lovely little gem. Ever wanted to do more with your fantasy creatures than have them battle orcs and bugbears? How about having them build a sweet city? Well, guess what you get to do in Belfort… Continue reading

Kickstarter ALERT! (Numero Uno!) – Story Realms

This post will be my inaugural KICKSTARTER ALERT OMG!!!!111 to let people know about a game I”m watching (and probably backing) on Kickstarter. I mentioned this one a while back in passing and it is currently up and running and looking for more funding, and is called Story Realms. This game is the hideous love child of board games and RPGs with a heavy focus on the problem solving side of the RPG genre. The art and graphic design are gorgeous (check out the map!) and the production value is shaping up to be top notch. The designers/publishers have already posted rules and a sample story which is a very good sign. I am eagerly looking forward to this one.

Here”s their website!\r\nGo pledge some cash here!