Three Zartochs and a Baby

I have a real love/hate relationship with Tomb. This is actually a really fun game with an awesome concept, but it is so much work! Sit a spell and listen as I regale you with tales of wonder and magic and why maybe, if you are just the right kind of gamer, Tomb might be right for you. Continue reading

Summon Frosty!

Beth and I were talking about old Magic cards, and she mentioned that back when Wizards did the releases for the Scars of Mirrodin block, they made some cool into videos so she looked for videos from some older sets as well. And she found this… whatever it is. I give you 1995”s video for the Magic set Ice Age:

Alfred the Great vs Ivan the Terrible vs William Wallace vs Super Punch

Ever wonder what would happen if Julius Caesar armed with a pirate”s cutlass fought hand-to-hand against Lu-Bu wielding a viking Langox? Well, the people at the History Channel and the now defunct TriKing Games not only wondered, but a few years ago, they actually released a game that lets you try out these types of wacky encounters for yourself! Welcome to Anachronism, the ONLY game I know of in which Spartacus can smash Beowulf”s head in with a giant boulder.

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What I Don”t Know Won”t Hurt You

I was asked by special Australian request to write a review of the RPG-ish game Fiasco – UNFORTUNATELY, I”ve never played it. But that doesn”t mean that I don”t have some good advice about the game! And my good advice is to go read someone else”s good advice over on the Fiasco review on Shut Up & Sit Down. The boys write a mean review. Well written review that is. Their review itself isn”t mean. Actually, it is pretty positive. Just go read it.

But You Don’t Have to Take MY Word for It

I learned two important things from my youth spent watching Reading Rainbow: 1) They made the transporter effect on Star Trek: the Next Generation by swirling glitter around in a glass of water, and 2) Jambo Means Hello in Swahili. THIS review is loosely related to that second fact (a review loosely related to the first fact will be coming soon!) If you”re looking for a new challenging card game for two, maybe YOU should say hello to Jambo! (See, I could have been on Reading Rainbow if they had given me a chance. :( ) Continue reading