What”s Better Than Board Games?

NEW BOARD GAMES! With a big board gaming weekend coming up, I of course had to take the opportunity to buy some new games. Two of these were games I actually mentioned back in a quick hit post about games I was interested in. Hopefully I”ll have reviews of these coming up soon!


It Was Just a Probing Attack!

Over the last few years, Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast/Avalon Hill has come seemingly out of nowhere with a plethora of innovative, fun, original, and downright creative games (Risk: Legacy, the D&D Adventure System Games, and some excellent M:tG draft formats come to mind immediately.) I will say with some (probably undeserved) confidence that this all started with one of the BEST games you”ll ever see on this blog: 2005”s Nexus Ops. This game is as close to perfect as you can hope to be. No, SERIOUSLY, this game is awesome.

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A Kickstarter in the Pants

What is it about farming that is so attractive to game designers as source of inspiration? And by game designers of course, I mean Uwe Rosenberg. Well, perhaps we ask Grant Rodiek who apparently has some sort of psychic connection with Mr. Agricola causing him to design the latest farming game to be added to my collection: Farmageddon. This frantic farming game was recently released through Kickstarter, but is Farmageddon a real “kick” or just a swift kick in the sack? Read on to find out! Continue reading

There Will Be Bowl

So, Tom Vasel, board game reviewer to the stars, mentioned on “On Board Games” that some unconfirmed “sources” told him that Games Workshop is planning on reprinting Blood Bowl in a new fancy-schmansy style similar to the gold star treatment they gave to Space Hulk and Dreadfleet. The discussion is already going on about the rumor over on BGG. If this is true, expect an awesome product, but with most likely a premium $100 MSRP price tag.

The Line Must Be Drawn… HERE! No, Wait, Here… Or Maybe…

Sometimes I find a game on BGG that sounds interesting but doesn”t quite do enough to make me push the “add to cart” button on CSI. Then, I”ll see a really good deal on it somewhere and I just dive in. This was the case with the Star Trek Deck Building Game: The Next Generation. This is a game I really want to like… and despite its blemishes, I DO like it so far. Let me try to explain why, and see if you might like it too. Continue reading