Death and Taxes!

And of course, by that I mean Kingdom Death and “No taxation without representation” – one of the rallying cries for the American Revolutionary War! Today, I’m going to talk briefly about two games currently on Kickstarter, one of which I have already backed and the other of which I am quite curious about. Let’s start with 1775: Rebellion.

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What Exactly is a SMERSH?

So, after backing this game ages ago on Kickstarter, it has finally arrived in the mail! The box is absolutely packed with goodies. Agents of SMERSH is billed as sort of a combination of Pandemic and Tales of the Arabian Nights, which sounds promising. I can’t wait to dig into the rules and get it to the table soon.

Dr. Lobo is really an evil genius because
as a kid, someone gave him a swirly.