Wiggins, You Ignorant Slut!

When I find out about a game I think sounds or looks appealing, I’ll usually read some reviews, check out the rulebook online, and I’ll even read some common questions and answers about it on the BGG forums. Sometimes, after that, a game will just catch my imagination. I can see myself playing it. And loving it. I’ll build it up so much in my mind before I even have it, that it can’t possibly live up to my expectations of what it could be like (or can it?) Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is one such game. And recently, I had an opportunity to give it a swing. What did I think once I had it in my hot reasonably sized hands? Read on and find out!

*** As with previous reviews of game of this nature, this review will contain NO SPOILERS (as long as you don’t read the notes in the images TOO closely, and even then it probably wouldn’t mean much.) ***

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